Creative & Art Direction


Husayn Raza - Art Director
Circa 2016

To get to do what you love. How many people can say that? I grew up around art and design. My father is a calligrapher and a collector of contemporary Islamic art, so growing up our living room could've passed for a museum. 

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of working with, and learning from, some extremely talented and creative people at some of the country’s best agencies. But what has made it all the more worthwhile are the teams I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and lead. Getting people to collaborate and recognize their intrinsic potential are things I get really stoked about, both on and off the clock.

As for the projects I’ve overseen, I like being fully entrenched and lead by example.  I aim to inspire my team by encouraging them to go beyond what’s safe or expected. To take the work to a more innovative place that breaks through the clutter—because it’s stunning or funny or truthful, so as to connect with its audience on a visceral level.

If you're looking for someone who never refuses a coffee run.  You're looking at him.

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